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The era of the lone wolf private eye is over. Julie Clegg's essential guide to 21st century investigations illuminates a bold new path to success in this exciting and rewarding field while effectively debunking the culture of secrecy that has always pervaded the industry.

Few careers offer the challenges of investigative work and fewer still afford the opportunity to make a real difference. But in the information age, working solo in the dark not only hinders investigations but threatens the entire industry.

Whether your goal is exposing corruption, preventing domestic abuse, or combating terrorism, How to Become a World-class Investigator can help you change the world.  Order it here!



The World-Class Investigator blog is an essential resource for investigators from all segments of the industry, and those in

related professions. 


Updated weekly with engaging, informative articles, the World-Class Investigator blog proudly shares it's voice with the industry and the global investigative community.


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The podcast dedicated to helping people become world-class investigators; whether you're new to the industry, or want to up your investigative game by developing your knowledge.  Featuring weekly interviews and insights from thought leaders in the intelligence industry including former detectives, business leaders, profilers and investigative experts.​

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